Top 10 Best Dental Schools in the US: 2021 Detailed

Best Dental Schools in the US


It’s an established, yet, verifiable fact that attending one of the top 10 best dental schools in the US is a sure way to attain a stable career either as a partnering practice or working in your own business.

With the increasingly high demand for dentists every year, attending one of these top 10 best dental schools in the US gives you a higher edge above your contemporary


This topic got me thinking.. …….

why pay so high for a degree?

what distinguishes these universities from others?

why are some more expensive than others?

Then I realize when it comes to dental school the fees are equivalent to the quality of education you will receive.

For one to be a dentist a lot of requirements are needed

  • getting a bachelor’s degree in any field,
  •  a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS),
  • as well as pass certain national and state examinations.

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Top 10 best dental schools in the US

The listed schools below have a very strong reputation and outstanding faculty members.

Harvard Dental School to Reopen Former HUHS Dental Clinic | News | The Harvard Crimson

   1.Harvard University

Harvard university always ranks among the first top 10 best dental school both in the Us and the world.

Harvard School of Dental Medicine(HSDM) is located very close to Boston’s Longwood Medical Area.

Students of HSDM and BLMA study together, this enables them to gain on-hand experience owning to the larger number of patients seen at the Harvard dental center every year.

HSDM has its annual tuition fees of about $124,652 with this being the highest tuition for the 2020/2021 session.


  2. University of Pittsburgh

This one of the universities that have maintained that medical training does not end in the classrooms.

The school encourages community service and research, and dental students receive hands-on experiences at the WISER Center, with its well-equipped training facility. 

Pit Dental school also encourages a student-to-student practice, where a student serves as a patient during clinical training.


 3. New York university

New york university college of dentistry every year graduates over 400 DDC students.

Students take courses in a range of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical areas.

Extensive clinical practice is a hallmark of the program.

NYU has produced more than 10% of all dentists in the united state.

The university has a strong reputation. Rest assured that while as a student you gain real-world experience throughout your four years of education. 

2020/2021 tuition fees

         1st-year                   2nd-year                    3rd-year                 4th year

       $99,562                       $98,677                     $98,577                    $98,577


4. University of California San Francisco(UCSF) 

The university pride of its ability to provide clinical experiences and research opportunities to its student. 

The university system has no undergraduate program. This allows the campus to excel more in other health-field.

UCSF Dental Center sees over 120,000 patient visits yearly. 

UCSF is ranked #1 in dental school and also gets funding’s from the national instituted of health.

Spokane Riverpoint Campus - UW School of Dentistry

5. University of Washington

The university of Washington was rank #2 best dental school in US and the world at large by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.

The school has over 300 students.

The school have vest area for clinical experience including Harborview Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the School of Dentistry’s clinics.

UW offers some opportunities that may be difficult to find in another dental school in US including;

  • a mobile geriatric dental clinic,
  • a clinic focused on patients with significant dental fears and psychological conditions,
  • and a clinic specializing in the care of persons with disabilities..

6.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The school always rank among the best dental schools in the US. 

The school DDS programs have a curriculum designed around advocate-clinician-thinker (ACT) where students are taught to;

  • advocate for their patients,
  • provide one of the best clinical care for their patients,
  • and how to stay mentally balanced to solve any problem encountered.

7. University of Michigan

The school offers dental care and services all over Michigan, and its network of affiliated clinics provides a wide range of opportunities for DDS students to gain clinical experiences.

The University offer about 15 additional programs and it also termed power-house of dentistry and other health-related fields.



The UCLA is well known for the number of students who go on to postgraduates training.

UCLA dental students begin direct patient care in their second year of the program this enables them to gain lots of clinical experience which includes rotations to a range of specialty and community clinics.

The location of UCLA guarantees that dentistry students have access to a wide range of hands-on experiences working with a diverse group of patients.

The school graduates over 100 DDS students yearly.


9. University of Florida

The UF College of Dentistry is located on the southern edge of the University of Florida’s main campus in Gainesville.

Hospitals, clinics, and other health-focused programs are seen in large numbers around the school campus.

The school graduates about 100 DMD students yearly, and students   starts clinical rotations in the second year, followed by more advanced clinical experiences in the third and fourth years.

10. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine is located on the western edge of Penn’s West Philadelphia campus which provides the students with a wild range of opportunities for clinical practice and community outreach.

The school allows its students to add other degree options to their DMD program. options such as dual degrees in bioethics, public health, business administration, law, and education.

The school’s Primary Care Unit handles over 22,000 patients yearly.

After much research, I observed that each of these schools distinguish itself in a very special and unique way which gives them an edge over other schools.

Hope we were able to cure your curiosity and guiding you towards making the right choice of the best dental schools.

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