9 Art Courses With High Employment Rate In Nigeria


This article will explain 9(nine) best Art Courses With High Employment Rate In Nigeria.

Considering the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, these 9(nine) best Art courses will guide you in making the right decision.

However, Unemployment shouldn’t be the only criterion in choosing a course. Your chosen course is a life-long decision and once made, you may not be able to change it again. Note, Before you choose a course consider those things enjoy doing so that when you leave school, you will not only work for the money but passionately, finding fulfillment of the purpose of life. 

These art courses with High Employment Rate In Nigeria are unique and I strongly believe will wow you after reading this post, however these courses won’t qualify you for automatic employment. You will have to work on your grades because there will be lots of other graduates of the same course as you.

Here are the 9 Best Art courses to study in Nigeria:

  • Creative And Visual Arts, Fine and Applied Arts, Fine Arts And Design
  •  Foreign Languages
  • Theater art
  • Law
  • Counseling and psychology
  •  Music
  • Criminology and Security Studies
  • Political Science
  • Fine & Applied Art
  • English Language.

Creative And Visual Arts, Fine and Applied Arts, Fine Arts And Design

This art course is very lucrative. With the rise of the internet, every day the high demands for designers, developers, online marketers, etc are on an increase. Every day people keep looking for designers of logos for their websites and businesses as well as corporate designs to promote their brands. This is good news for those who have the dream of becoming a freelancer.


Without a doubt, music is one of the best art courses students can choose to study in Nigeria. A music degree is very challenging but these challenges foster very diverse skills relating to critical thinking, creative thinking, teamwork, delivering presentations, multi-tasking, administration, cataloging and archiving, conducting detailed analysis, and much more and these skills are highly valued by employers in diverse professions. 

Music is a professional art course and due to the wide range of skills attained, music graduates find success in a huge array of professions, both music-related and non-music related. Example graduates of Music can pursue a career in Songwriting, Music Therapy, Record Production, Radio/party DJ, Singing (Vocalist), etc. Music Production.

Counseling and psychology

Mental health is real. In Nigeria Counseling and psychology is not very well recognized. few people study this art course but more patients making it very lucrative. Though in Nigeria right now most people are not aware of counseling services but in few years they will surely start looking for their services.

 Foreign Languages

You will agree with me that foreign languages like mandarin (Chinese), Spanish, German, Russian, and French can open doors of employment for you. this course has less competition. there are great job offers such as private tutor, freelance translator and you can also work in embassies.

Theater art

Graduate of theater art degree can pursue a career in acting, scriptwriting/directing, Broadcasting, Media presenting, etc. if you chose acting, then you have to be very passionate cause it requires more passion than with brain work.


Lawyer measures at the same level as doctors. The law offers great employee benefits, It is also one of the most demanding and very competitive courses in Nigeria. you will have to be outstanding to secure a good job.


English is one of the most marketable art courses in Nigeria today. Most graduates believe that the course ends you with nothing but a career in teaching, but the English course opens far greater doors than teaching, jobs like Digital copywriter, Editorial assistant, Newspaper journalist, English teacher either as foreign or home teacher language teacher, writer, blogger, etc.

English is very important for socializing. One of the joys of this course is that it offers you the opportunity to freelance, you can work from anywhere you are in the world, which might not be experienced with other courses.

 Political Science

As an outstanding graduate of political science, you will surely be employed almost immediately. This art course is very competitive 

Graduates of political science can build a career in government, campaign management, business, law, and research. 

Political science helps you gain a thorough understanding of how power, politics, and people converge. 

Criminology and Security Studies

Studying criminology, helps you to read through the minds of criminals.

The course helps you understand crime, why criminals commit crimes, and the factors that affect them.

Graduates of criminology and Security Studies can easily start a career with the Civil Defense, DSSS, Nigeria police, etc.

Art courses without Literature 

This course includes art, social science, and humanity

  1. Art
  2. Arabic studied
  3. Arabic languages 
  4. Christian religious studies 
  5. Environmental science
  6. Fine Applied art
  7. Religious studies  
  8. Islamic studies
  9. psychology
  10. sociology etc

Jobs with an art degree

  • Photographer
  • Illustrator
  • Professional artist
  • Animator
  • Graphic designer 
  • Graphic designer 
  • Printmaker
  • Art teacher/university lecturer. 

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